I finally quit today…

Just now, 3:pm, middle of Sunday, last puff was done about 30 minutes ago. I can feel the clarity coming and frankly it’s annoying, and this would be about the time I would reload another bowl… (sigh)…. Typically I would plan to quit tomorrow morning since I seem to need weed to sleep and it’s hard to stop once you started the day high (which I’ve said and failed at an embarrassingly large amount of times) BUT INSTEAD I’m going to quit during the day so I can feel it fading off, and work through my fixation consciously..

I’ve assessed my life and I know why I want this change and I can do this for 3 weeks. IT’s ONLY 3 WEEKS! I’m guessing by three weeks I’ll have officially cleared my head, be past the cravings; and I can reflect on my love for marijuana and re-think dating Mary Jane part time; but I can’t ever go back to the amount I smoke now… I know that much. Right now I admit I have a problem. But that’s ok I’m human and let some things get away from me. I underestimated the power of weed over my life, now I’m consciously correcting it.

I can’t, I won’t go crackhead mode in my house looking for scrapings and crumbs of pot because there is no more weed in the house, and right now I am going to rinse off all my pipes and grinders and put my weed stuff in a box, tape it up well, and place it in the garage or somewhere out of sight.

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Welcome to Weed Rehab. You can stop searching now.

Free site, Free advice, Free your mind

weed rehab challenge, marijuana, quitting marijuanaIf you are questioning your marijuana use, and it has brought you here; then at least you are self aware there may be a better way. Now you know marijuana has become a problem for you, but you would never admit it… BUT! knowing is half the battle.

I am going to confirm most likely what you already assume, and help you follow through with a 2 month weed rehab challenge. Scared? Well then you must be high. No worries, weed diaries is an easy read, which lays common confusions about weed out on the table, so you can make an informed decision.  

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Weed Diaries – Writing my way out of addiction

When I’m in a rut, I cheer up faster if I get high; I’m more entertained by work if I’m high

Weed allows me to take time to smell the roses and make more time for friends

Wake n baking? …If I was drinking Jack Daniels in the morning, would you say I have a problem?

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(10:30AM) Today I have so many things on my ‘to do’ list, and I really hate waking up early. I’m more of a night owl, and it takes a while to get going in the morning; unless  Mary Jane helps me up. She’s always normally laying around and and always exhilarating in the morning. Just what marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, pot, rehab, how to quit,I need to wake-up! My other girlfriend Jackie is in bed, she likes to sleep in; and why would I get her out of bed? …a breakfast burrito, some TV, a couple hours of Facebook, and pointless internet surfing… Now it’s almost 2PM, I’m real high, and life is good, cause weed really takes the edge off of a work day. I just got done with a double Turkey burger and a large fry I picked up from hat creek. I peel off my cool green, modern couch ’cause my iPhone interrupted my favorite house music on Pandora. Oh never mind, I ignore that call, an 866 number is probably one of my creditors..  At this point I’m pacing back and forth because my A.D.D. ways have at least provided me the drive to break through my green fog; an urge to move, and a self-reminder to be productive….. continue reading  Weed Diaries

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