Weed Rehab was written for marijuana users struggling with addiction. After reading an interactive short journal titled “Weed Diaries“, you will be ready to make an informed decision about your marijuana use.

You’re given simple tasks to accomplish towards the end of Weed Diaries. We promise that by following our instructions, this will allow you to take a clear-headed break from marijuana. Don’t worry it’s not going anywhere. Fight through the fog!

marijuana rehabs, weed rehabMarijuana represents a big problem for some, and a small blessing for others. We’re not starting any type of marijuana banning movement, nor are we promoting smoking weed. In church the pastor instructs, “partake in Communion, only if you have found balance in your heart with Jesus.” Mary Magdalene and Mary Jane, both need our full, personal understanding, in order to realize a healthy balance for our life.

Individuals have different discipline strengths and addiction weaknesses. Marijuana clouds your self observant nature, often times turtle shelling strengths and befriending weaknesses. Marijuana seems like a harmless drug; but in a subtle, sneaky way, this naturally growing weed will fog your life’s purpose. This blog serves as a marijuana rehab. Sharing a modern assessment of the true effects and clearing up personal, ongoing confusion about marijuana use. Getting it all organized and written down was my  last resort for quitting marijuana. 

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OUR PURPOSE is to assist the public with a updated understanding of Marijuana’s true affects on a life.

OUR WAY is through self observance of daily functions by a short journal titled “Weed Diaries”.

OUR GOAL is to completely understand marijuana’s effects on a life; and 2. to help others take a break, who have been questioning their marijuana use.

I’ve always felt that marijuana is a harmless and fun friend, which generally brings friends together; but lately I’ve watched my life slide in the wrong direction. I’m assuming the end result of my journal, will be accepting that Mary Jane and I, are no longer going to be close amigos. I’ve been a big fan of marijuana for a long time…. can I really quit marijuana?  my friends roll their eyes….  Blog Author

…. Weed Diaries Day 1

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