Day 1 & 2, Weed Diaries

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Weed Rehab process starts by reading this short journal- ENJOY

Day 1 Weed Diaries 

(10:30AM) Today I have so many things on my ‘to do’ list, and I really hate waking up early. I’m more of a night owl, and it takes a while to get going in the morning; unless  Mary Jane helps me up. She’s normally laying around and and always exhilarating in the morning. Just what marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, pot, rehab, how to quit,I need to wake-up! My other girlfriend Jackie is in bed, she likes to sleep in; and why would I get her out of bed? …a breakfast burrito, some TV, a couple hours of Facebook, and pointless internet surfing… Now it’s almost 2PM, I’m real high, and life is good, cause weed really takes the edge off of a work day. I just got done with a double Turkey burger and a large fry I picked up from hat creek. I peel off my cool green, modern couch ’cause my iPhone interrupted my favorite house music on Pandora. Oh never mind, I ignore that call, an 866 number is probably one of my creditors..  At this point I’m pacing back and forth because my A.D.D. ways have at least provided me the drive to break through my green fog; an urge to move, and a self-reminder to be productive.

I walk outside, the weather outside is beautiful all the time in Austin TX. It’s the middle of December. I work from home most of the time, and of course you can’t get me out of basket ball shorts, V-necks and flip flops, unless I have to meet someone. “It’s Tuesday” I tell myself, what to do first, what to do first… now my only problem is I’m not sure how to get started and keep my head in the game, meaning focused and organized. I’m going to go wrestle with my dog, and catch a quick 30 minutes of some educational, or funny programming on TV. I believe in a 30 minute digestion time anyways, maybe a little milk and chocolate. ;P …..2:50 Crap! It’s almost 3 PM, and I have a lot of work to do, but it’s Dr. Oz talking about testicular cancer, and shark week on  the Discovery channel. I can consider this educational programming…. 3:30 I really have to make these calls which I was suppose to make days ago. Why am I even writing this diary? will probably just be one more high idea I have, which will fizzle out of my mind, because I can’t find the time in the day to keep all my work, and life running coherently.

NO, there is purpose in this… I’m writing this journal so I can keep written record of how weed effects my daily routine. I know if I’m consciously taking notes about my day, I can re read my account of a day, and make a better decision about my marijuana habits.. Ok I’m going to get back to work and come back to this. I have about 5 construction workers here working on some work on my house; and my business partner is high in the kitchen working on his computer…

5:09  Well it’s past 5PM and I had a ton of calls I should of made, but I didn’t really feel like talking sales, for that matter being in sales is not that fun, (especially when I’m high) but it pays the bills, and my bills come faster than my paychecks some months…. 5:45 I did troubleshoot some email problems and move projects along, but I am going to have to put some more time in it later. My dog is laying on my feet and I’m feeling a low. I have a meeting at 6:30 PM to discuss a 800K custom home build, that we are finalizing our construction estimate. I have no problem conducting business high, my business needs me to be social and put people at ease. We found this client their construction loan, and the bank likes us, so as long as we get an accurate job cost, the project should be ours.

dogs, marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, pot, rehab, how to quit,I make my dog move, he’s 95 pounds and smells, or as my girlfriend calls him “big stinky fatso”. lol, It’s probably my fault since I have not bathed him in 2 months. For that matter my dog doesn’t get ran, or taken to the greenbelts near as much as he would like, and a healthy dog would need. He’s such a good dog, and probably deserves a better owner than me. Somebody with time on their hands,…. 8:10pm I of course lost track of time, probably because I’m high again.  I started talking about running the dog, and my business friend Joseph decides to race my over sized pit bull around the block. Joseph, in his dress pants, polo shirt and dress shoes, looking like a well dressed crack head; and my dog, with no leash or collar, is at a full sprint. Jo is high as a kite, and completely winded from running around the block; but with the amount of smoking we do, I couldn’t make tease him too much.  I can’t imagine what the neighbors think about us sprinting down the street in a business casual with a giant Pit bull.

9:42pm. Now that I’m back from a meeting, which went well, I feel like I’ve worked up an appetite and could go for some grub. I showed up to my meeting 10 minutes past when I said I was going to be there. I’d claim fashionably late, but that’s rude in business and is probably one strike against me in their mind…

So back to FOOD now, I like to smoke before I eat, gives me a healthier hunger, I think; and I’m feeling too sober for a nice drive. I drive a nice Lexus, with comfortable leather seats and premium sound. Being high and cruising around in a luxury sedan is a relaxing combo. Mostly I drive safe and slow, but every once in a while I misjudge a situation on the road, but it has not been the procuring cause of an auto accident, yet, just an angry horn blower…. .

Tosh.O, Mary Jane, and Jackie has accounted for the last couple hours, along with 3 Tacos, chips/guacamole, drinks and some brownies stamped ‘pot Brownies’ which I took home from Freebirds. Life is great high. Good company, tasty food and hard laughs! Really why am I trying to quit? I really enjoy my time high. It’s not like I’m using a hard core drug that was concocted in a Kansas meth lab. I’m not drinking every night, at most once or twice a week, and usually on special occasions. I am moving forward in my life at a decent pace, while continuing to enjoy weed.

tree of life, marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, pot, rehab, how to quit,I was raised on Christian beliefs describing our bodies as temples. I think God’s instructions were pretty clear in Genesis when God told man to eat anything in the garden except the tree in the center. The Tree in the center was not a marijuana tree; was it? Unless a prominent Pastor or Priest living in the bible, changes that fruit tree to a Marijuana Tree; then God gave us permission to cook up and eat our weed brownies. Thank you God for blessing us with a beautiful plant, that can allow us to escape the normal stresses of life. After all, it is a natural growing plant, a direct product of Mother Nature and God’s efforts.  The way politicians and our legal system have completely failed to correctly deal with marijuana use in the United States is an embarrassing blow on our country’s street smarts. (What our government did wrong and how we fix it)  This weed brownie talk reminds me that I saved half of my Freebird’s ‘pot brownie’ for a munchies snack. Munchies is just a part of my meal plan now and I typically prepare for the munchies by stocking up on sweets from H-E-B grocery.

ANYWAYS, it’s time to roll a joint. I have a gram left and I need to smoke it up so I won’t have any left in the house to smoke. When this sack is gone I am not buying weed for a very long time. NOW As good or bad luck would have it, as I am rolling up a joint with the last bit of weed I have, (so I can quit) a good friend of mine drops in. He has a sack of weed, and wants to donate it to my house so “he is not driving around with it”. Why is it that random acts of kindness with drugs and alcohol only happen when you say you are laying-off? It’s as if your friends are working against you, on purpose! They sense when you are trying to improve your habits and subconsciously sabotage your efforts. The TV is on and we are watching Kansas State Basketball do their thing on ESPN, and now smoking an even healthier sized J. I can just push this work I had to do all day, till later tonight, or worst case first thing tomorrow morning. My Alma mater is playing and I rarely catch sports, plus I’m turning so super blazed I’m not even sure if I’m writing anything that makes sense. Talking business with friends over some sports feels like a good life high, feels more creative, feels alive, wow I’m too high to write and my screen is going blurry! Lol  …. I’m done writing day 1

DAY2 ————————————————-

marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, pot, rehab, how to quit,(10:35am) I’m on the couch watching Cable Guy with Jim Carey. My eyes have technically been open since 9:45am this morning. I just finished a breakfast buffet of burritos, fruit and had a few of a baker’s dozen assorted Danishes, provided by my baked friend who passed out on my couch last night. One purpose for this diary is to keep notes of my daily food intake, social interactions, exercise, and work habits. Last night at about 12:30AM I also had a large chicken Cesar salad, with an extra side of salad dressing and a bowl of cheez-its. I was higher than normal last night because when I’m together with certain friends, we roll joints. And since an excessive amount of weed found its way into my house last night, the joints turned into blunts. :/

I certainly didn’t catch up on my computer work that I was suppose to finish last night. I’m lucky I even had the motivation to brush my teeth before I slammed into bed around 2AM with my girlfriend. My couch crashers passed out in true slob style, left my milk out and all. So much for quitting today, my morning started out with a threesome between Mary Jane, Jackie, and I …. So I’m high once again… yay 😀

I need more time to finish this day 2 Journal… BUT I have priorities, which right now consist of making money, not so much blogging about pot. Days go by quickly, I am short of time, and I have businesses to run. I will continue to assess the effects of marijuana on my daily life, because I am dedicated to understanding my relationship with Marijuana. I am going to short my day 2 diary page, and get to my “to do” lists. I never promised any deadlines on this blog diary, plus I’m a little high, and full of excuses right now. lol But this is an important assessment, and I will follow through… some time later with a day 3

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Wake n baking? If I was drinking Jack Daniels in the morning, would you say I have a problem?