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Donations make a difference. By donating to weed rehab you ensure the public: better education, awareness and the right help for bad marijuana habits . America needs productive people!

PLEASE DONATE. Weed Rehab is a Tax exempt, non profit, public charity.

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There is not a limit to how much you may donate to Weed Rehab. We are a public Charity, aspiring to improve our society through proper education of Marijuana. What better way to counter your next tax bill, by donating to an efficient charity that is helping people understand Marijuana’s true effects on lives… If you like where we are going with this movement, then show us through donations. Money coming from donations will help us take huge steps forward. Choose how your taxes are used. It’s very simple, and don’t forget tax deductible for you! Thank you.

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By making a tax-deductible donation to Weed Rehab, you will be supporting the most dedicated and effective marijuana education and understanding for the public.

Your donations help fund our public awareness campaigns, where we enlighten the world about the real dilemma of over use of marijuana. We teach careful use, alternatives to using marijuana, and encouraging self assessments.

Weed Rehab is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. PLEASE DONATE