Famous Druggies

Maybe artists should have to take performance enhancing drug tests like athletes. After all, we want a level playing field, and druggies get a creative edge and a planned advantage. Artists with sober minds, may not be able to keep up! Sounds silly right?

Should schools throw out work done by these famous druggies? _of course not

Famous people and marijuana, druggies, artists, weed, celebrities, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, potAbsinthe = Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Pablo Picasso

Opium = Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, John Keats Pablo Picasso

Peyote = Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, Ken Kesey, Hunter S Thompson

Herion = james Taylor, Miles Davis, Ray Charles

Barbituates = Johnny Cash, Diane Arbus, Jimi Hendrix

Amphetamines = Johnny Cash, Judy Garland

Methamphetamine = John F Kennedy, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler

these famous deaths were caused by their drugs…

Heroin =  Sid Vicious, Brad Refro, Janis Joplin, Frankie Lymon, Kurt Cobain

Speedballs = King George V, John Belushi, Nick Drake, Jean-Michel Basquiat, River Phoenix

Cocaine = Ike Turner, ol’ Dirty Bastard, John Entwistle, Mitch Hedberg, Chris Farley

Morphine = Gram parsons, Tim Buckley, Sigmund Freud, Chris Farley, Lenny Bruce

Oxycodone = D J AM, Heath Ledger

Alcohol, DWI’s, really who hasn’t been drunk? 

Famous Pot Heads?

Rastafarians are all about marijuana which they consider a holy herb used to commune with God…

Every Rapper alive or dead…

Most musicians, holly wood heads, theater types, writers, actors, poets…

Famous people and marijuana, druggies, artists, weed, celebrities, Mary Jane, smoking, smoke, potWillie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, Bette Midler, Santana, Chicago, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Rod Stewart, The New Jefferson Starship, Tony Orlando, Ringo Starr, Tommy Chong, Robert Downey Jr….

There is no denying that Marijuana has positively shaped our culture in much more ways then most would think. Marijuana brings creativity, a more relaxed feeling, and like any drug that’s over used, it will harm you. 

Here’s my point: Moderate marijuana use, for the right occasion should not be an offense punishable by our government. We should not suggest citizens trick our medical system to have legal access to pot. By Society supporting all the famous, influential folks above, we have already accepted it’s use. Why keep things so grey?

It’s true that irresponsible use of Marijuana becomes an addictive, problematic drug; but if you notice, there is not a single famous death, accounted to smoking marijuana. Leave the decision to the people. Stop the marijuana civil war created by our government against it’s own people. We have much bigger pressing concerns, in which we could use the money for!