Legalize Marijuana

Punishment for laws broken should be directly related to the true detrimental cost to an individual or society in general. What’s the point in controlling our own people on minor issues that are not hurting others. Anyone that wants to use marijuana is already using. The law makes very little difference in people’s private marijuana use choices, but instead unnecessarily damages upstanding citizen’s reputation, and costs tax payers billions, which is never retrieved by any means.

Let’s get right to the real problem behind Marijuana misuse in the USA!… Our stupid government

Our Stupid government, who is not regulating and heavily taxing the sale of marijuana…

Our stupid government, who thinks throwing American tax money down the drain, by chasing, then housing marijuana offenders in prison, is an efficient method…

Our stupid government, who has allowed a half-ass introduction of the legalization of marijuana, through the creation of medicinal marijuana stores…

Our stupid government who does not provide its people better marijuana education, which would reduce poor marijuana habits, improving American productivity…

Richard Nixon legalize marijuana, how to, why, legalization, weed, cannabis, potFrom Nixon to Obama, our government really screwed the pooch on their handling of Marijuana use in the United States.

President “I’m not a crook” Nixon and Marijuana’s political relationship formed publicly around a national commission’s recommendation that marijuana no longer be a criminal offense. This according to Nixon’s Oval Office tapes. The year after Nixon’s “all out war” marijuana arrests jumped by over 100,000 people. Many conspiracies revolve around Nixon’s war against drugs, none show the president as being reasonable or intelligent.

How to solve our Nation’s Marijuana problem in 2 simple steps!

1. Relinquish all non-violent marijuana convictions through a simple, sliding scale system called Work Release Probation  (WRP).

Prisoners released under WRP will have new sophisticated ankle bracelets on, which will not come off until their work hours are completed. They will be reporting to a new type of Probation Officer called a Release Officer (RO), whom will be continuing to schedule WRP prisoner urine tests, a minimum 50 hour work week schedule (Wed – Sun. 8am- 6pm), WRPs will not be in Jail, they will be working. WRP will have 3 options for shelter: 2 approved adults with private residence, a halfway house, or specific WRP sleeping quarters in prison at night. WRP has to identify friends or family or choose from available directory of approved adults, which are willing to house them, provide 3 meals, and a bed to sleep; the adults will be paid 20$ a day for each WRP housed.

Our taxes our paying to let non violent marijuana offenders rot in jail. These people were hurting themselves, not society. Everything is wrong about this, we are teaching someone to do nothing, all day long in jail, forcing zero work ethics in them. No guidance to help them understand their offense, or instill better morals.  Prisoners released on WRP will also have to attend classes similar to AA meetings, called Marijuana Anonymous (MA) or be expected to pass hard tests about ‘self help’ or ‘motivational’ curriculum. We will save millions across the board and gain an entire force of very low cost labor. Think about the prisoners in there on marijuana charges, they will gain hope and drive in prison, because “time left” in prison time is no longer a waiting game. Prison time is a waste of money and human energy. Many other criminal incarcerated inmates eventually should be processed through WRP also.

It’s modern slave labor. You remember hearing about slave labor, it’s part of the reason the United States of America got such a nice jump start to a rising, rich economy. What’s more humane? Advancing someones work ethics and morals through a controlled work camp… Or letting someone live in jail from months to years, where they will take on worse habits. Call it what you want, paying for prison time and letting people rot in jail is a lose-lose system. WRP is a WIN-WIN system

legalize marijuana, how to, why, legalization, weed, cannabis, pot2. Educate, regulate, and legalize Marijuana.

Scratch off the entire medicinal marijuana operation. Our government is still trying to win a drug war not only they created, but are obviously losing; and at high costs to everyone outside of jail. Medicinal marijuana creates liars, and was a poor attempt at halfway introducting the legalization of marijuana. Our government needs to own this introduction, in order to win this war. It won’t be the first time we have flip-flopped on our rules. We did it for alcohol, and it saved our economy’s ass! Our Governmentneeds to legalize weed, tax it heavily, license production, and educate it’s people properly. Just telling a person “say no to pot”, with out providing a full understanding of the “why” behind the NO, is an out dated method, which does not work on a our 10 year olds. People are already voting yes through medicinal marijuana legislation, how ignorant can our government be not to see which way the ball is rolling, and the amount of money being lost.

Our government will set up a new, federally supported, regulating agency called Marijuana Regulating Commission (MRC), which runs much like ABC regulates alcohol, except we set the age at 19. MRC is responsible for licensing, regulating and taxing re-sellers and manufacturers.

Government should educate employers and universities about marijuana and continue encouraging urine testing for industries and professions where common sense should not allow the employment or admission of frequent marijuana users.  In addition public high schools should give their students urine tests to ensure our youth do not start smoking too early.

That’s it, its that simple. IF we did not have such an out-dated, bottle-necked government system, this could happen this year… 2012

legalize marijuana, how to, why, legalization, weed, cannabis, potWhy Legalize Marijuana? Because America has everything to gain!

  • The government creates a new education system and jobs, dedicated to properly educating the general public about marijuana use. Motivating our high and lazy society, and deterring bad habits involving marijuana use.

  • We could literary dissolve our drug problems at the border, saving millions in our drug war efforts and legal proceedings.

  • We would receive a huge force of government ran labor getting a priceless amount of work done, which is exactly what our economy could use. Private and public work forces will get to bid for workers, depending on the general benefit their purpose brings to our overall society.

  • We would save millions not housing non-violent marijuana offenders, along with freeing and improving many great minds, which our currently rotting away.

  • Our government would receive billions instantly, through heavy taxation.

  • Hemp would be an American cash crop, providing us with hundreds of beneficial products made from hemp

  • We would create many, many jobs from the creation of WRP, MA, and MRC. Hiring will favor anyone who was laid off due to actions caused from the implementation of this plan.

  • We allow people to employ lawyers to expunge all types of minor marijuana offenses from their record with in one year of the offense.

legalize marijuana, how, why, legalizationObama (who has self admittedly used marijuana) allowed our simple minded politicians to open the the wrong door of introduction to marijuana use in the United States. 

I can’t believe the means in which it takes for our current government to make changes, that were needed yesterday.

Legalize Marijuana – We’ve answered the “How” and “Why”