Signs of Marijuana addiction

you know you’re addicted to marijuana….

  • …If you find yourself googling “marijuana addiction”.

  • If you wake and bake, or smoke at lunch time, not on vacation.

  • If you prefer to only go to social events, high.

  • If the majority of your close friends always smoke marijuana with you.

  • If you can’t fall asleep easily with out using marijuana.

  • If you have work or responsibilities you feel you can not do as well, with out smoking.

  • If you can not justify, NOT being high.

  • If you use marijuana to validate procrastination.

  • If you are gaining weight, or regularly eating unhealthy foods, because you’re high.

  • If you can’t relax or be creative with out marijuana.

  • If you are high, more than you are not high.

  • If you have reduced motivation to exercise,  because you spend more time high.

  • If you continually use the “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse.

  • If you rationalize ‘doing only the minimums in life’, because you’re high.

  • If your lungs are tight or do not allow healthy stamina.

  • If you are unable to stop or slow down using marijuana on your own.

  • If anxiety occurs when you are not high.

  • If important relationships are maintained, or lost, because you are high.

Marijuana addiction has been defined as physical and/or psychologicaladdicted, marijuana, addiction, weed, pot, cannabis dependence on the psychoactive compound, contained in cannabis called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which crosses the blood-brain barrier once ingested or smoked. Broadly, addiction is defined as the continued use of a mood altering addictive substance or behaviors despite adverse consequences.  Defining characteristics of addiction include impaired control over the habit, preoccupation with marijuana and feeling high, accompanied by continued use, despite consequences, and denial. 

OK…. So maybe you’re addicted to marijuana, and don’t want to admit it…  Now what? Self awareness of how marijuana effects your life is what this drug hides from you. This website was not written for people, who are unwilling to help themselves. If the points above mostly describe you, then you are addicted to Marijuana. Admit it, you are addicted to marijuana.

Ready to put marijuana use in check?

Here’s How to quit your addiction to marijuana..

Marijuana is VERY ADDICTIVE especially in certain personality types. Marijuana will weed it’s way into your life and be a much bigger presence then you may be prepared to handle.