Success Stories

quit weed for health and sex weed rehab challengeSeth from Phoenix Arizona decided he likes titties more than marijuana. Translation: He enjoys an active social life and a healthy libido. Marijuana is not enabling a healthy life in this manner. Think about it. Has Mary Jane become your only action in the last few months?

Thanks for the picture Seth! Cheers to challenging yourself.

weed rehab quit marijuana 2 month challengeMegan from Fillmore Utah wants to get outside more and enjoy her life. Bike riding and physical activities are not a friend of Marijuana, whether you think it is or not. Smoking before a physical activity is just pointless. You will work off high into sober; and wish you had brought a ‘to-go smoke kit’ when you start to come down. Remember what a natural high feels like?

Good luck with your Challenge Megan and thanks for the picture.

take a 2 month marijuana breakHector from San Jose CA realized his life revolved too much around meals, bbqs and binge eating. He determined that marijuana does not let him control his portion control, snacking and his late night 4th meal. He understands that eating healthy does not mix with an appetite on weed.

Kudos on your 2 month challenge and self assessment Hector. Thank you for sharing.

Mike from Round Rock TX decided to phase out marijuana for many great reasons. He summed up a few very commonly shared reasons for quitting weed and taped it to his box. You can really tell that Mike has put some thought into self assessing his smoking habit. A thorough look at the affects of too much Mary Jane in your life, makes for an educated decision.  Remember marijuana is a pro at getting you to procrastinate. Take your life back today, own your bad habits, don’t let them dictate your life and push decisions and tasks off for tomorrow. ‘Tomorrow’ is Marijuana’s favorite word.

Thanks for the picture Mike, love the quote you included! “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

weed rehab challenge 2 month-box marijuana up

Send us a photo of your Weed Rehab box!

2 month challenge Rules:

  • Place all marijuana paraphernalia in a container. (box, bag, Tupperware, what ever)
  • Tape container securely closed (so you can’t be a crack head and sneak in it with out having to obviously break your own seal)
  • Write ‘WR’ (standing for Weed Rehab), and write the ‘last day’s date” of your challenge, on the box. (if you start today, put the date 2 months from today’s date on the box)
  • If you would like to fancy it up, like the folks above have for the picture’s sake. Do it! if not send us your picture of your WR box challenge.
  • Hide box in a very discreet spot*
  • Don’t bust your own challenge by opening the the container.

*(Depending on the legality of weed in your state. You might want to just throw your WR box and all paraphernalia in the trash)

We appreciate all the support and pictures.

*We are a charity which loves donations, which are tax deductible for you! 🙂