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I am looking for like minded associates that see the benefits in offering the public a much needed service, not similarly found on the net. The government’s anti weed campaigns are embarrassing and out-dated. There are millions of pot-smokers and their friends, significant others, family and governments, which are seeking new marijuana counseling services or looking to support a valuable movement. will deter poor marijuana habits by educating and warning society about our mystery plant, marijuana. I have a few great ideas for this, which I can share with the right person. Weed Rehab has already established its existence, as a valuable, tax-exempt public charity, with the IRS and a major bank.

Owned domains: http://weedrehab.orghttp://freemarijuanarehab.comhttp://marijuanarehabonline.comhttp://marijuanarehabtoday.com

marijuana rehab, weed rehabWe know weed is not going anywhere. We believe full legality of marijuana is on its way. There is no point in fighting it and creating liars through medical marijuana.  You should not stop people from harvesting and using a natural God given plant. Our government’s laws and punishment over marijuana related crimes, is completely unnecessary.  God said we can eat from anything in the garden except for the tree in the middle… I’m fairly sure that this tree was not a marijuana tree. Marijuana is a recognized as a big social force and is currently a social weed growing through our youth, because no one is giving them relative advice.  The generic ‘just stop smoking’ advice, is not going to work as effectively as a real understanding will. I say this problem is just a little bit more complicated than telling people ‘just stop smoking’… wouldn’t you? The misuse of weed is corrupting our work ethics and there needs to be a forward thinking organization like I am proposing, to drag pot smoking into the light. We need a fresh understanding of marijuana; in order to curve the disabling habits formed around irresponsible use.

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